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musicoftheday's Journal

The Music Lives
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Greetings and Welcome to musicoftheday! This is an informal community for music sharing, one that I hope won't require many rules. That said, here are the few I can think of:

1) Membership is open and all are welcome to post at least one song a day though you may post as many as you would like, if you post more than five please cut the entry.
2)If you post songs, please feel free to tell us what you like about them, however, you most certainly can just post a song with no comments either. It's all about the sharing.
3) Discussion is encouraged, how else can we share, however, no flaming please. The idea here is to broaden horizons, and excessive rudeness may result in banning. I'd hate to do that!
4) Please no hotlinking.
5) If you'd like to share, upload your song to:
6) All music is allowed
7) Please try to tag everything correctly, just because it's polite.
8) Requests are welcome, so if you are looking for something, feel free to post about it.

If you're into indie music we strongly suggest you check out:
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Supporting indie and local music puts the choice of tomorrows music in your hands.
You can choose what you want to hear and what the rest of the world hears by requesting at your local radio stations and joining street teams.
Showing support makes a difference.

The music lives...
Thanks for listening.